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Release Notes:

November 23, 2004 (2.2.0)

Added support for FireFox.

Auto clean HTML tags from pages is now the default setting (makes it easier to discern author and additional info from page).

September 22, 2004 (2.1.0)

You can now force reloading of a URL by holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard and clicking the "Get WWW Reference" button. This is useful when you have previously loaded the reference. Previously, WWW Reference Maker would prevent reloading of the same URL. (in order to prevent duplicate entries). This may be useful when loading different frames of a website.

June 30, 2004 (2.0.0)

Changed the WWW Reference Maker database engine to a more stable engine. This new database engine will result in better performance as well as much improved protection against database corruption. Unfortunately, this database engine is NOT compatible with database files created with earlier versions of WWW Reference Maker. For this reason, we recommend that users keep version 1.3.0 available if access is still needed for legacy database files.

April 9, 2004 (1.3.0)

Added functions to handle paper (printed) references.

November 14, 2003 (1.2.0)

Fixed a bug where the program could hang when formatting if the URL was too long.

Font menu now lists all fonts in alphabetical order.

October 30, 2003 (1.1.0)

Added several formatting options, including chars/line, alphabetically sort, double spacing, number listings, font and font size.

Added volume:issue and page fields to Details window.

Added proper indenting to reference listings in formatted reference window.

Fixed delete reference bug.

Fixed MLA format so that underlining works as specified.

October 20, 2003 (1.0.0)

WWW Reference Maker for Windows v1.0.0 public release.