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Imagine being able to search any of your favorite search engines or web sites from any application.

No more flipping between applications to get the spelling or punctuations correct. No need to first load a web page just to get the site's search box loaded. Just click your Control key twice, and Search Monkey Pro comes to the foreground:


Actual Search Monkey Pro Windows
Top is running under Windows 2000
bottom is running under Mac OS X.

You can now easily earch Google while you are reading an article in Adobe Acrobat. Search Yahoo! from Photoshop. Search eBay from Microsoft Word. You get the idea.

Search Monkey Pro is a configurable and very small application which waits in the background until you need to search for something, whether it be additional information, items to purchase, pictures, etc.


For example, say you are reading an Adobe PDF document on vacationing in Ixtapa, Mexico. You want to learn more about this topic and find other materials related to resorts in Ixtapa.

You tap the Control key on your keyboard twice and Search Monkey jumps to the foreground. It's small window size means you don't cover the entire screen. Hence you can still easily see what you want to search for in the PDF document:

You then enter (or paste) your search phrase in the edit box, click the Enter (Return) key on your keyboard (or click the Search Monkey button), and that's it. Search results will be returned to a new page in your browser.

Hold down the Alt (Option) key on your keyboard while clicking Enter (Return) and you will get the EXACT phrase match search results.

And there is plenty more...

Configure up to 10 additional buttons in Search Monkey Pro:

Expand the Search Monkey Pro window and you will see additional buttons. Each of the Search Monkey Pro buttons can be easily configured to call their own search engine or search routine from a specific web site.

In addition to search functions, you can use the "Email URL" function to automatically fetch the URL of the frontmost browser window and email a copy of this URL with a brief message to a friend or colleague. One click fetches the URL, opens your preconfigured message (a plain text file), and formats a new email message in your favorite email application.

Any button function can be invoked from the keyboard. For example, using the layout shown to the left: to search eBay for a specific item, you would just enter the item in the edit box, the click the Control - 3 keys (Command - 3 keys on Macintosh), and Search Monkey Pro will format and submit the search to eBay. Again the results will appear in a new browser window. This is the same action as would occur had you clicked the third button...which is the eBay button.

YOU decide which search functions you want to include in your Search Monkey Pro setup. Configurations are easily set in a number of ways, including:

  • The Modify Button command (built into the app).
  • Copying and pasting a new button search URL from our special button page to the search edit box.
  • Manually editing a plain text file which contains all the button configuration information.

You can even save entire button sets for different purposes. Send to friends and family members...even between Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Give Search Monkey Pro Your Own Custom Look:

You can easily add a .gif or .jpg image as a skin to give Search Monkey Pro its own custom look. When you add a skin, the enable checkbox, search button, and expand triangle are hidden until you move the mouse over them ("dynamic controls") This gives Search Monkey Pro a nice clean look, while still allowing you to easily enter your search terms. Here are just a few more examples (in addition to those shown above):

To add your own custom skin, just create a .gif or .jpg file with dimensions 250 x 70 pixels (72 dpi) and add it to the "skins" directory. You can then readily load it by chosing the "Load Skin" menu item. Search Monkey Pro remembers your last selection, so that upon relaunching the application, your same skin will appear.

For a full view of your background image, you can even remove the edit box by simply entering ".." (double periods):

To restore the edit box, just hit the Control key twice!

Create the longest lasting and most effective business card on the market!

We can readily customize Search Monkey Pro with your company name, telephone number and email address:

Your email address is actually a hyperlink so that when clicked, an email message from your customer to your designated email address is automatically initiated for your customer. All they have to do is send you that order!

Don't let your competitor get to your customer's computer desktop before you do! Once installed, your customer will not want to remove Search Monkey Pro.

Customization is quick and very reasonably priced. Contact us for a quotation.

Single Unit Price: $9.95
Multiple copies as low as $1.00/copy for customized versions.


Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.
  • A popluar Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera). Neither Netscape nor AOL are supported at this time.

Mac OS X System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.1 or later.
  • A popular internet browser (Safari, Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Internet Explorer, iCab or Opera). No AOL browser support at this time.