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With Spam Spade you can:

  • Quickly display the location of nearly any IP address in the world in a fraction of a second. (searching a database of over 250 MBytes).
  • Scan designated email mailboxes, displaying from where each message came.
  • Quickly and accurately inform ISPs of infected machines on their networks.

Protect yourself and/or your organization from the fallout of:

Clever Viruses:
Viruses developers are getting more clever as to how they disguise their works. Even if YOU run virus protection software, you cannot be sure that everyone else does. It only takes one infected machine of a colleague, customer, friend or family member to send out thousands of messages per day disguised as YOU (just because you were on some copy (cc:) list). Spam Spade helps you quickly identify the source of such messages and pre-emptively act to stop this activity.

New Spam Tactics
Spammers are also using new tactics in the way they deliver messages. Many of our own machines are unknowingly become "spam delivery zombies", silently picking up messages from centralized advertising delivery services and sending them out to thousands of recipients. Spammers do this simply because they want to get their messages delivered and their centralized email delivery servers were becoming "black listed". Spam Spade helps you identified such infected machines and alert the ISPs who serve these customers (so they can , in turn, alert the customer and/or terminate their service).

Old Tactics, New Media
Age old fraud tactics are also showing up in new ways in email messages. "0fficial Notice for all Citibank customers" and "To All PayPal Customers" are just but two recent email message subjects making the rounds which are designed to do one thing: try to fool people in giving up sensitive login/password/ATM information about a person's bank or PayPal account. Spam Spade can assist you in locating the source of these email messages and help shut them down. This is true even for those cryptic URLs such as:


which attempt to look like legitimate sites, but are typically compromised servers setup to extract sensitive information from consumers.

Scan your email. Report spammers and infected machines. Immediately display the location of almost any IP address in world!


Easily scan your email to see from where it came. Protect your business from being designated a spammer, or worse yet, being seen as propogating a virus.

With Spam Spade you can readily indentify and inform ISPs that one or more of their customers have infected machines.

Due to the extremely large download size and sublicensing restrictions of the database used by Spam Spade, we cannot offer a free trial of this software.

Upon your order, you will receive a login and password to a protected directory from which you can download the software. You will also receive information with your registration key which will unlock the software.

Results from scanning 392 spam messages in "Trash" mailbox. Red dots show from where the spam was delivered to our server. Click the QuickTime icon at the left to view a movie of this process. The movie also demonstrates how you can list the messages in specific geographic areas and how easy it is to notify ISPs of spam delivery by one of their customers.

The only true way of getting to the root of fraudulent email messages is by examining email headers. In an email header, your email server normally records the IP address of the machine which delivered the email. This "next hop" IP address is the typically the only remote IP address on which you can depend. Spam Spade automatically examines email headers, determines the location of this next hop IP address, and plots it on a map of the world. In this manner you can quickly locate the source of problems and/or validate the legitimacy of an incoming message.

Spam sifting software is a passive and insufficient way to address the problem. The same software you use to sift your email is also used by spammers and hackers so that they can be sure their junk gets to your "In" box.

Take an ACTIVE role and help put an end to spam by informing ISPs of customers who are knowingly or unknowingly send out thousands of unsolicited email messages and viruses every day.

Price: $99.95


Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP.
  • Eudora, Netscape Mail, or any email client application which stores email in standard RFC 822 format (unfortunately, Spam Spade does NOT yet work with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, both of which use their own proprietary format).

Mac OS X System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Apple Mail, Eudora or any email client which stores email in standard RFC 822 format.