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VisiLaunch provides a simple, intuitive and realistic graphical interface to your personal computer. With VisiLaunch you can take any picture and readily link applications, documents, directories, web sites, movies, and additional layers (pictures) behind any section of a picture. As you link several items to a specific area of the picture (such as a pen and pencil set on a desk), VisiLaunch will automatically create on-the-fly popup menus. This way you can easily select the item you want. Not only will this save you plenty of time opening favorite applications, files and directories, but it does so in a very estectically pleasing form. You can also link additional pictures (layers) to specific areas of a picture. In this manner, you can create entire virtual worlds through which you can navigate. The VisiLaunch creation process is simple:

1. Load a picture with the "Load Picture..." function under the "File Menu" (gif, jpeg, pict, bmp, png, etc.)

2. Drag out a rectangle on this picture where you would like to create one or more links.

3. Choose one of the four types of links from the VisiLaunch Tool, and click the "Set" button.

4. Choose the desired application, document, directory, etc. to set the link.

5. Repeat as needed. If you wish to move to another picture (layer), you just create a new layer link.

Specific examples are described in detail:

1. Creating an Application or Document Link

2. Creating a Directory (folder) Link.

3. Creating a Web Link (web page or QuickTime movie from remote server)

4. Creating a New Layer Link

Other specialized functions:

1. Embedding Layer Pictures

2. Displaying All Layers

3. Designating an Outline Layer