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Embedding Layer Pictures

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VisiLaunch normally only stores links to the files you use as layer pictures.

IF you wish to distribute a workspace to another machine, you will need to "embed" the pictures as part of your VisiLaunch database. The advantage of this is that the picture data becomes an actual part of the VisiLaunch database. The disadvantage is that this can significantly increase the size of your VisiLaunch database (dependent upon the number and types of image files used).

To embed the layer pictures within the VisiLaunch database, just choose the "Embed Layer Pictures..." menu item from the File menu. Click the "Continue" button which is displayed on the confirmation screen. All the workspace pictures will now be part of the VisiLaunch database.

You can embed layer pictures at any time and multiple times (in case you later add addtional layers to your workspace). Only those pictures which have not already been embedded will be added to the database.

Important Note: due to the way that VisiLaunch works with embedded pictures, the VisiLaunch application must be run from a read/writeable disk drive.