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Saving Your Workspace

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As you add links and layers to your workspace, VisiLaunch automatically writes these objects to a database. The benefit of this is that if your system ever crashes, you have not lost any data associated with your workspace. Relaunching the application should restore everything as was previously linked.

VisiLaunch initially creates a database named "Temp_VI_DB.vsla". This may be the only VisiLaunch database you will ever need. Each time you launch VisiLaunch, it looks for the last opened workspace and automatically reloads it.

You may, however, wish to save your data to a new database file. To do this just select "Save Workspace As..." beneath the File menu. Give the database a name, click the "Save" button and your database will be saved.

Note that any additions or changes made to your workspace will then be made to the newly saved workspace.