These are a few of the comments we have received from our valued customers.

"Just a short story...I found myself in one of those kind of situations that business folks 'never' want to find themselves in. I had decided to upgrade our internet site to a higher technology level and ventured into it, eyes wide open, eagar to complete our goal and look sharp.

Fill out forms, CGI, Java, scripts and the like. What fun! I learned all that I thought we needed to know in this three week period, to get this all done. Getting the forms thing done, java worked out, a couple of scripts and then realized that after trying every available resource on the net, I was trapped. Everything I had readied for upload to the site all depended on the CGI program working and for the life of me, I just could not comprehend how to get that done.

I posted a cry for help on the forum of our site provider, asking for help from some knowledge based person and even offered a reward, if they could it all done yesterday! I was in a panic, as we were losing potentially loads of subscribers because the very program we needed help with was our Terms Of Service contract, a Fill-Out-Form.

I posted my plea last Sunday evening and here it is Wednesday evening! All the problems, challenges and the little details are all handled! If you ever find yourself in the above or similar trap, try these guys at Quicomm! They are truly Wizards at what they do. They saved our business from almost certain disaster, in as little as a few short days.

Once I knew they were on the job, I felt like I had lost 400 pounds of grief! They're very professional, really care and understand what you are going through. They worked with us instead for us, which I found extremely pleasing. The fee for their services is nothing compared to how they saved our business from certain disaster. Actually very small in comparison to the amount of work that they performed.




Rabb Sabin

President of Westar Financial Services, Inc.

As a developer of Internet tools, I've found your real time registration system to be a terrific resource. The convenience of a customer being able to register our software at any time of day or night and receive a key within minutes has significantly increased sales and customer satisfaction. I have no doubt this is the future of on-line software distribution for small developers.

Your responsiveness and attention to detail has also been excellent.

- Peter Sichel

Chief Engineer

Sustainable Softworks

A note from one of our customers' customer, who is using our real-time credit card processing and software registration system:

"WOW, What a service! I got everything in less time than was advertised. You really ought to bundle this credit card set up, and sell it. It's great!

Jim Bell"